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  • Mor Geva Pipek

    Mor Geva Pipek

    Researcher at the Allen Institute for AI and Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at Tel Aviv University.

  • Sixing Huang

    Sixing Huang

    Certified Neo4j Professional, German bioinformatician in MGI Shenzhen. I want to try things, learn about Cloud, ML, Japanese and travel the world.

  • Sik-Ho Tsang

    Sik-Ho Tsang

    PhD, Researcher. I share what I've learnt and done. :) My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sh-tsang/, My Paper Reading List: https://bit.ly/33TDhxG

  • Gajinder Pal Singh

    Gajinder Pal Singh

  • TheCodeWork


    TheCodeWork helps early-stage startups validate their business ideas in the market using the minimum viable product (MVP) approach.

  • elvis


    ML & NLP Researcher | Twitter: (https://twitter.com/omarsar0)

  • Peter Barrett Bryan

    Peter Barrett Bryan

    Software engineer with specializations in remote sensing, machine learning applied to computer vision, and project management.

  • Fanghao Han

    Fanghao Han

    Machine Learning | Graph Neural Networks

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